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MPS Covid Information

Please call the office at 623-2828 if your child will not be at school. Please call by 8:30 am.

Shorts are allowed during the months of August, September, April, & May. Please confirm that the weather is appropriate before sending your child to school in shorts.

Please confirm with the office that your address and phone number are correct.

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First Grade


First Grade Website

Welcome to first grade!
     First grade is the time for lots of growth and learning. Throughout the school year we will be working on blending sounds, learning sight words, and putting it all together to read. It's so exciting to read great stories or books about anything that interests you. We'll spend lots of time using everything we learn to write creative stories, too.
     We'll also be doing plenty in math. We'll expand our knowledge by using skills you already have to tell time, identify and count money, discover fractions, and learn addition and subtraction facts.
     There's never a dull moment in first grade when you're ready to learn and discover more about the world around you.