Mitchell Elementary School


Please call the office at 623-2828 if your child will not be at school. Please call by 8:30 am.

Shorts are allowed during the months of August, September, April, & May. Please confirm that the weather is appropriate before sending your child to school in shorts.

Please confirm with the office that your address and phone number are correct.

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Fourth Grade


     We have had a busy year so far in fourth grade. We have classrooms with very unique students. We are learning responsibility each day by turning in homework on time and working toward earning rewards by reading Accelerated Reader books.
     We have been studying pioneers of the 1880's and have traveled back in time to attend a day of school at the Flowerfield Pioneer School located in Harrisburg, NE. The students dressed the way that children of the 1880's dressed, and brought authentic lunches without any plastic bags. The students had a great time in addition to it being a great educational experience.
     We also visited the Farm and Ranch Museum in Gering, NE. We learned about and used many of the antique farm machines. Our classes even made the local Star Herald Newspaper article about the Farm and Ranch experience.