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Please call the office at 623-2828 if your child will not be at school. Please call by 8:30 am.

Shorts are allowed during the months of August, September, April, & May. Please confirm that the weather is appropriate before sending your child to school in shorts.

Please confirm with the office that your address and phone number are correct.

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Sixth Grade


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     We are having a Great year in sixth grade. The 5th and 6th graders are now departmentalized in Science, Social Studies, English, and Math.
     Sixth grade is currently working on a unit about Growing Up in our reading textbooks. Some of the stories in our reading series are short chapters from books that are available in the school library. Writing and spelling are also taught and practiced with each unit. Spelling words are used in student writings to gain greater meaning. Prepositions are being taught to students in English. Fractions and mixed numbers are currently being taught in Math. We are simplifying, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing mixed numbers/fractions, as well as, solving word problems. In Science, the 6th grade is currently working on environmental science. In Social Studies, we are busy studying The Civil War. In October we took our first field trip of the year to the Branch Out Program at The Wild Cat Hills presented by the ESU #13. There were several informative speakers on conservation of nature and natural resources. We sang at the Veteran's Program on November 10. We appreciated seeing our parents and students at our student-led parent teacher conferences at the end of the first quarter. We have been working very hard on our writing. We have written numerous poems, paragraphs, and summaries over given stories. It has been very busy in sixth grade, but we are enjoying the responsibilities that come with being the oldest students in our school. We will continue to work on being good role models and making good decisions.