Mitchell Elementary School


Please call the office at 623-2828 if your child will not be at school. Please call by 8:30 am.

Shorts are allowed during the months of August, September, April, & May. Please confirm that the weather is appropriate before sending your child to school in shorts.

Please confirm with the office that your address and phone number are correct.

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Third Grade


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Third grade is an exciting time to learn about many new things.

     In reading, we spend the year working on many different skills. Comprehension and fluency are two of the most important.
     During math we cover a variety of topics, including place value, addition and subtraction of greater numbers, multiplication and division, geometry, fractions, measurement, and problem solving.
     In English, we learn about types of sentences and parts of speech.
     Additionally, we complete several research projects throughout the year on topics including spiders, states, and presidents.
     As you can see, third grade provides many opportunities for student learning.