Mitchell Junior/Senior High School


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FACS Curriculum


All Classes are one year, elective courses.

Family and Consumer Science I (FACS I)
Nutrition and Food; Clothing and Textiles

Open to any student in Grades 9 – 10 or with instructor permission.
Students will have one semester of Nutrition and Food and one semester of Clothing and Textiles.
Course content: Provides students with the knowledge and skills about food preparation, with a strong emphasis on nutrition and dietary needs. Includes safety and sanitation, proper use of equipment, meal planning and preparation, current food issues involving the family and global society, and the demonstration of teamwork skills. Instruction will also provide students with an understanding of all aspects of clothing and textiles; fabric and apparel design, selection, construction, maintenance and alteration of textile products; and careers related to clothing and fashion design/marketing.

Family and Consumer Science II (FACS II)
Life and Career Essentials

Prerequisite: FACS I or instructor permission
Course content includes: Financial Literacy, Living on your Own, Managing Resources, Leadership, Food Science, Housing and Home Furnishings, and related careers.

Adult Living (Family Relationships)
Prerequisite: Must be a junior or senior
Course content: The study of the family as an institution and the roles and responsibilities of family members. Includes concepts such as communication, establishing and maintaining a couple relationship, marriage, sex respect, and parenting responsibilities including childbirth, childcare, and conflict resolution.

Family and Consumer Science III (FACS III)
Early Childhood Education I

Prerequisite: Student must be a senior
Course content: Study will focus on preschool aged children and include areas such as: creating a learning environment, interacting with children, creating learning activities, health and safety, and nutrition. Students will actively work with children and teachers in the Tiger Cub preschool and Elementary (K-2) classes.

Recommended Course of Study for FACS:
9th: FACS I—Nutrition and Food; Clothing and Textiles
10th: FACS II—Life and Career Essentials
11th: Adult Living--Family Relationships
12th: FACS III—Early Childhood Education I