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Science Curriculum



Physical Science
Physical Science is an introductory science course emphasizing the relationship between matter and energy in the nonliving world.
The teaching methods used will focus on the needs of the concrete learner (learners requiring manipulative and experimentation in order to understand abstract scientific concepts). Basic processing skills (observing, classifying, measuring, communicating, and predicting) will be introduced and utilized.

Chemistry is a one-year course. It is primarily college preparatory in nature, however noncollege bound students will also benefit. The course uses problem solving and much of the content uses math to solve chemistry related problems. Prerequisite: Have taken and passed Algebra 1 with a C or better, NWEA math score of a 240 or better and have taken or are taking Algebra II. Or with teacher approval.

Physics is a one-year course. It is an elective course designed for the college bound student. The class will focus on selected topics that are explored with problem solving labs. The goal is to develop problem-solving skills needed in higher education. Physics requires a strong background in math and science. Algebra II, Trigonometry and Chemistry are recommended as prerequisites for this course.

Earth Science
This is a one-year course for 9th grade science. The course is designed to gain an understanding of the world around us. Topics covered include the Atom, Forces, Astronomy, the Rock Cycle, and Weather.

Biology will have emphasis on the nature of science, systems and interactions, homeostasis, energy, unity within diversity, and evolution. Emphasis on these themes will contribute to the students' comprehension of fundamental life processes, understanding of interactions among organisms, and appreciation of scientists and the work they have done.

Life Science
Life Science is an introductory Biology course.  It will focus on the structures of organisms and the interactions among organisms within an ecosystem.

Anatomy and Physiology (Chemistry is required)
This is a one year course providing current information on the structure and function of the human body. It is specially designed for students pursuing careers in health related fields.

Environmental Science
This is a one year course to study how humans affect and are affected by their environments. The different areas that are covered are basic ecology, populations, natural resources, pollution, and society and environment.

Plant & Animal Science (Biology required)
This is a one year course involving domestic plants and animals. The course will be divided into 1 semester of Animal science and 1 semester of plant science. The animal science section will explore the various domestic animals and their life processes. This will include cattle, sheep, swine, and other animals used in the agricultural industry. The plant science part of this class will be learning about the various crops of the agricultural industry and the factors such as weeds, pests, and precipitation that would affect the production of these crops.