Mitchell Junior/Senior High School


Format Guide
Guide to prepare professional communications - letters, outlines, reports, etc.


Art Curriculum


Junior High Exploratory
Project based class introducing sculpture, perspective, drawing, collage, painting and art history.

Art I
Overview of elements and principles of art using a variety of mediums including; drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, and printmaking.

Art II – Art I required
In depth study of the elements and principles of art through drawing and painting.

Art III – Art I & II required
Advanced drawing, painting, and printmaking using art history as inspiration.

Art IV – Art I, II, & III required
Independent projects with the goal of building an art portfolio.

Ceramics/Sculpture – Art I required
Hand building and wheel throwing ceramics. Sculpture using clay and other mediums. Study of ceramic artists and sculptors.

Graphic Design – Art I required, Art II recommended
Introduction of the Adobe Creative Suite software: Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver. Project based class. commercial