Mitchell Junior/Senior High School


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Industrial Arts & Agricultural Education Curriculum


Junior High Exploratory - 9 week rotation
Exploratory technology class is a beginning course designed to introduce students to different areas of technology. With our new Ag program, we will try and introduce students into different areas of Ag as well. The student will learn to read and interpret ruler and measurement of fractions. Students will learn power equipment and its usage and safe operation. Students will achieve this while completing a Co2 car and racing it against others in the class. They will also learn about buildings and weight distribution through toothpick structures. Note: Average Co2 cost is about 5 dollars.

Woods I
Each student will learn the fundamentals in woodworking and small project construction, through a practical "hands on experience". During this process safety and correct operation of power equipment will be stressed. Note: Average project costs of the school year will range from 40 to 170 dollars.

Woods II - Woods I required
A high level of skill application used to design, layout, and finish a solid wood furniture product. Students will analyze various building techniques, processes and procedures. Note: Average project costs range from 150 to 350 dollars.

Auto Cad (Computer-aided drafting)
An exploration of computer-aided drafting and design. Students will study and apply Auto Cad through a practical (hands-on) design/drafting program.

Auto Cad II - Auto Cad I required
A continuation of the computer-aided drafting and design. Students will study and apply Auto Cad's three-dimensional design features. With access to the 3D printers students will possibly be able to design and print a 3-dimensional object.

Construction Class - Students must have completed one or more of the following Industrial Technology courses: Advanced Woods, Auto Cad, or by consent of the instructor.
Students shall learn and work on different areas of construction. They can learn about anything from electrical and plumbing to framing and roofing. This is a hands on course and students may be away from the building from time to time to complete projects.

Farm and Ranch Management
In this class students will learn about agribusiness, animal management, and production management. This will help students to understand what all goes into running and operating the family farm as well as working for a big farming operation. We will explore local operations in agriculture as well the local farms. This is a one semester class.

Intro to Agriculture
This is the class that anyone who wants to be in FFA has to take before they will be granted membership. In this class we will explore basic animal science, basic shop safety, and we will study the different areas of FFA. We will also look into different careers that are agriculturally based and take some virtual field trips to different manufacturers and businesses.

Plant Science
In this class we will study plant growth, reproduction, evolution, and adaptation, as well as the use of plants for food, fiber, and ornamental purposes. We will be utilizing the greenhouse as well to try and grow different hybrids of plants as well as regular plants. This is a semester long course.

Small Engines
Small Engine is intended to offer entry level instruction and training in the areas of tool use, measurement, maintenance, diagnostics, personal and shop safety, theory, design and applications as they pertain to the subject of small internal combustion engines. Students will be exposed to various methods of instruction, including (but not limited to) lecture, audiovisual instruction and hands-on learning in a lab environment. The course would promote students to demonstrate their ability to access and use technological means to achieve the course goals. Critical thinking and problem solving skills would be demonstrated through completion of required projects, such as the disassembly and reassembly and successful running of a small gas engine. This is a semester long course.

Fish and Wildlife Management
Students will develop an understanding and appreciation for Nebraska's natural resource systems and conservation management. Students will analyze and comprehend forest management practices, stream & water management, grassland conservation, hunter education, and fisheries and wildlife management. A course that prepares students for activities in the conservation and/or improvement of natural resources such as oil, water, air, forest, fish, and wildlife for economic and recreational purposes. This will be a one semester class.

Beginning Welding offers a curriculum leading to careers in the welding industry. Sudents will explore three different welding methods and teach welding and general metal shop safety. The first area covered will be Oxy-Acetylene welding. The second method will be Flux-core wire feed welding and the final area will be traditional Arc or (Stick) welding. Students will gain a basic understanding and proficiency level in each of these areas. Small fabrication or repair projects will be allowed as time permits. All safety equipment is included. As this is a new course, supply costs are unknown right now.