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Guide to prepare professional communications - letters, outlines, reports, etc.


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Business Graduation Requirements

5th Grade—Keyboarding
Alphabetic & Symbols—develop touch typing skills

6th Grade—Keyboarding
Reinforce Skills—begin formatting

7th Grade—Computer Applications (1 year) (033422)
This middle-level course is designed to emphasize digital citizenship, basic computer operations, word processing applications, spreadsheet applications, presentation applications, and technology communication tools. Students will master keyboarding skills; compose, create, edit, and format word processing documents; organize and manipulate data in a spreadsheet; and prepare a formal presentation.

Career Exploration
Career Exploration will offer students an opportunity to direct their attention toward an area of interest that might develop into a career path while also identifying high school and college course offerings related to their career choices. By exploring all the different possibilities, student will develop the ability to make informed decisions about their future. This class will investigate all 16 Career Clusters which will help students understand the relevance of their required courses and help them select their elective courses more wisely.
Text - Investigating Your Career, 3E

9th Grade—Business Information Technology Applications I (270501)/BITA II (270502)-required for graduation
Students will explore emerging technologies as it applies to their success for high school, college, and career. The focus will be on the importance of digital citizenship, professional communication practices, advanced document processing, professional presentations, and intermediate spreadsheet and database applications used personally and professionally. This course will focus on skill development in advanced spreadsheet, database, integration or applications utilizing advanced features, and exploring web technologies.

Media Design and Production (Striv TV)
Students will apply and expand their skills of interviewing, reporting, writing, editing, photography/videography, and design using the Striv TV platform. This class will allow Mitchell High School students to share their events LIVE online. This will provide a great opportunity to reach out to those who cannot attend events. Students will work together to create weekly projects in a variety of media such as broadcast, video, and audio including a weekly announcements show. Students will also explore careers in Media Production and Design. This class will help Mitchell share our Story!

11th & 12th Personal Finance (033000)-required for graduation
The goal of personal finance is to help students become financially responsible, conscientious members of society. This course develops student understanding and skills in money management; budgeting; financial goal attainment; use of credit; insurance; investments; and consumer rights and responsibilities. Application of academic concepts, technology, and career planning are integrated throughout the curriculum.

11th & 12th Introduction to Digital Design(270611)-BITA I & II and Art I required)
This course will introduce students to the technical tools and processes used in digital design. Students will be introduced to the design process model which includes typography, color, and imagery. In addition, design software will be utilized to create graphics, animation, web pages, and video. Students will demonstrate proper use of fair use guidelines. Career opportunities in digital design will be explored.

11th & 12th Grade—Accounting (1 year) (030300)-Algebra I required
This two-semester course covers sole & proprietorship accounting principles involved in the preparation and maintenance of financial records concerned with business management & operations. It is a comprehensive introduction to basic financial accounting including recording, summarizing & reporting, principles of income measurement & asset valuation, accounting systems & controls. Students are exposed to careers in the accounting field and an introduction to partnerships and corporations may be included.

12th Grade—Independent Advanced Accounting (030301)—Accounting required
This is a two-semester course includes partnership & corporate accounting, adjustment in inventory control systems, budgetary control systems and further enhancement of accounting skills.

**Graduation Requirements

  1. 9th Grade Business Information Technology Applications I
  2. 11th Grade Personal Finance